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Photographic Art of Wildlife and Nature from all over the world including Penguins from Antarctica, Sharks from Australia & Mexico, Grisly Bears from Alaska, Polar Bears from Canada, Leopards from Africa, Tigers from India, Whales from the South Pacific and Pandas from China.  I and my dad (Ray) have spent over 30 years, traveled to seven continents and taken hundreds of thousands of images in order to present the pictures shown here.

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Artist's Statement - What This Web Site Is All About

I and my dad (Ray) are professional photographers.  We make a living selling photographic prints, as art, in juried art shows in the United States.  Our company is a two person business.  Every image on this site has been photographed by one of us.  Dad uses only film cameras and I use only digital cameras.  All of our cameras are Nikons.

The images shown on this site are the 1000 plus pictures that we now offer, or have offered for sale, at the many art shows we do every year.  The pictures shown here have all 'made their bones' as images we have successfully sold on the art show circuit.  The pictures are basically of  wildlife and nature scenes.  The wildlife is from all over the world and is truly wild.  We have no pictures from zoos or aquariums. 

At an art show, we typically hang less than 25 framed pictures and display approximately 100 matted/unframed pictures.  The images we display are in a constant state of change as we travel and develop new work.  We regularly stop displaying very good selling pictures, in order to hang our latest new work.  This web site is our effort to make available the many, very good images that we're no longer able to display at the art shows.
The larger size prints are limited edition prints, with editions limited to 250 prints.  The prints are dry mounted, and matted, and are sold only as art.   The images have never been published.   Every one on our photographic prints is done from our master image, by hand, by one or the other of us.

Two or three times a year, we jet off to some of the world's most remote locations, to add to our photographic collection.  That's the fun part.  The work part is the other 10 or 15 times a year we drive off, in our truck, to someplace where we setup our display, and hopefully sell our work at an Art Festival.  If there is a delay in responding to a message you've sent to us, it's very probably because we're off somewhere on a road trip.

This site represents an electronic catalog of our work and is aimed primarily at people who have seen the high quality of the work, at an art festival.  We don't have a printed catalog because we introduce new pictures so often that we can't keep a printed catalog up to date.  This web site also allows us to provide information on the individual pictures and to tell interesting stories about the trips we've taken to get the images.

This web site is a plain Jane project that we did ourselves.  We've learned that simple pages load faster so I've left out frames and any other fancy feature that slow things down.  Our object is to show you our photographic art of wildlife and nature rather than our skills at web programming.

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